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This is not in any way meant to be a complete or even thorough listing of anime and manga sites. It's nothing more than a collection of places I personally find good and/or useful. This page currently lists links to sites in English, French, German, Danish and Norwegian; for links to pages in Swedish, please go to the Swedish link page.

Links to sites in English

The J Fan, UK based site with Europe-related information.

Anime News Network, one of the best sites in the English language.

AnimeNfo, a database over anime and manga titles.

Lelola [dot] net, have nice collections of info for a number of animes.

Rumic World, a very good site for information on anything Ranma.

Tendo Home Project, a fun site where you can visit the Tendo family's house in (almost) 3D.

Yokaj Studio, a gathering of Swedish comics artists have this site with some really nice artwork and original comics.

Links to sites in French - En français

AnimeLand, the site of the French magazine AnimeLand.

Animint, big French site for anime and manga infos.

Mahousu's Guide des Mangas en français, one of the first sites I came across, if I remember correctly, and definitely one of the best. Is actually in English/French.

Links to sites in German - Im Deutsch

Anime auf DVD, with high quality reviews of German language anime., a good German site with reviews, articles and some other stuff as well.

Animexx, the German Anime club's online version has lots and lots of information.

Pummeldex, another big site with a myriad of infos and other things. - Gundams over Germany, a Gundam Wing site that is an old personal favourite of the editor. Lots of good information and fun stuff.

Links to sites in Danish - På dansk

AnimeGuiden, with anime and manga infos.

Fantask, Danish comic book store.

Links to sites in Norwegian - På norsk

Alt om tegneserier, site about comics in general., Norwegian web forum.

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